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Artistic directors sift through hundreds of audition packets a season, and your resumé is often your first chance to catch their attention. Naturally, you want a document that makes a positive impression. But some surprising (and seemingly minor) details can inadvertently turn a director off. So, how do you make your resumé stand out—for the right reasons?

Focus on Essentials

At an audition, directors need to see your essential information at a glance: where you trained and what companies and choreographers you've worked with. Cincinnati Ballet artistic director Victoria Morgan scans for names she recognizes. "It's good to know if a dancer has worked with a respected leader in the industry, and if there's a colleague I can call as a reference. I'm also more inclined to take a second look at a student if I recognize a particular school or teacher," she says.

Your resumé should be no longer than one side of one page. "When I've got 600 resumés sitting here, a three-page resumé is a disincentive to me," says Kansas City Ballet artistic director Devon Carney. "It comes down to time—how quickly can you present your information to an unknown pair of eyes?"

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Ballet Auditions
Jim Lafferty

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MJL Ballet year round Pre-Professional audition

Introducing the new training facility

This program is designed to train the next generation of professional dancers. This program is geared toward developing the artist as a whole, offering classes beyond technique to help create a well-rounded dancer who is preparing to enter the world of a professional company or college dance program. Classes in ballet, pointe, variations, contemporary, stretch, yoga and conditioning. At the beginning of the year the director will have a meeting with each individual dancer discussing goals. Students in the pre-professional division must meet minimum standards as determined by annual evaluations regarding pointe work (for girls) in addition to the intense physicality required for professional success in the professional world. Additionally, select dancers will compete at Youth America Grand Prix or ADC | IBC. Pre-professional dancers also have the option of competing at local competitions.

When: August 19, 2019 - May 30, 2020

Age: 7-21

Audition and Admission: In person Auditions at MJL Ballet June 30th or July 21 1:30-3:30

Video auditions with variation accepted until August 10, 2019.

More info & register


Ballet Academy East 2019-20 Pre-Professional Program

Ballet Academy East's comprehensive ballet training combined with professional-caliber performance opportunities prepare students for success in the dance world. BAE is celebrated for producing technically strong and artistically expressive dancers who are sought after for their professionalism and ability to easily adapt to the broad range of styles demanded of today's dance professionals. BAE alumni are dancing on stages all over the world. Alumni include Ariel Rose and Petra Love (Miami City Ballet), Siobhan Howley (Pennsylvania Ballet), Hannah Marshall (American Ballet Theatre), and Erica Pereira (New York City Ballet), to name a few. The comprehensive ballet training is combined with professional-caliber performance opportunities.

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Darla Hoover, the school's acclaimed faculty teach students using BAE's proven syllabus. Students also have the exceptional opportunity to learn from in-demand guest artists from across New York City and around the world.

The curriculum includes technique, pointe, partnering, variations, stretch, men's classes, modern and character. All classes feature live musical accompaniment. BAE has a commitment to supporting each student holistically and addressing their individual needs.


September 17, 2019 – June 14, 2020

Audition and Admissions:

Enrollment in the Pre-Professional Division is by audition. In-person auditions are held at BAE August 21st, and September 16th. Video auditions are permitted in some cases.


Ballet Academy East offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships and housing stipends to male dancers accepted into its Pre-Professional Division. Admission to the Male Dancer Program is based upon audition. To be considered for the BAE Male Dancer Program, sign up online for the next audition or submit a video audition. Auditions are open to boys entering 1st and 2nd grade in the fall, with no previous ballet experience required.

More Info + Register:

Ballet Academy East
1651 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10128



Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet Auditions: SEEKING DANCERS FOR THE 2019 – 2020 SEASON
SUNDAY JUNE 30 AND AUGUST 11 12 – 1:30 LOCATION: HATHAWAY ACADEMY OF BALLET2865 McDermott Rd, Ste 140, Plano, Texas 75025
Contact for more information:




Atlantic City Ballet-USA 2019/2020 European AuditionsApprentices / Trainees
Sunday June 30, 2019
Florence, Italy
A.S.D Nijinsky
Via San romano 13 50135 Settignano, Firenze
Registration-10:30 am
Audition Fee-15€
Please bring dance photo and CV. Auditions will be conducted in the form of a class.
No advance preparation needed. Women should be prepared to go en pointe


Magnum Opus is launching a trainee program for dancers 17 years old and older. The program will further develop the dancer's technique while being mentored artistically and spiritually by the Trainee Director, Melissa Mendl. The trainee schedule offers: ballet technique, pointe, contemporary, and choreography class. Dancers will also train alongside the company on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to perform in every major company production. Artistic Director, Abigail Henninger, will consider trainee dancers for apprentice positions with the company at the end of each season. Accepting applications now! or for more information.


The Florida Ballet, Jacksonville, is seeking male dancers for the 2019/20 season. Contract dates are September 23, 2019-March 22, 2020.

Please send resume, headshot, photos, and video to



Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, located in Indianapolis, Indiana is seeking to hire MALE dancers for salaried company positions for the 2019-2020 season, beginning early August 2019 and concluding June 2020.

GHDT is a contemporary ballet/modern dance company looking for dancers with strong training in ballet, partnering, modern, and contemporary. ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE AVAILABLE TO AUDITION IN PERSON. ALL APPLICANTS WHO LIVE OUTSIDE THE U.S. MUST HAVE A VALID U.S. WORK VISA.

Auditions will be held at:

The Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre
329 Gradle Dr. Carmel, IN 46032

All auditions are by invitation only and will be held during company class. To apply, please email a resume, headshot, and recent dance reel to



in Teatr Wielki, Plac Teatralny 1, 00-950 Warsaw, Poland

Leading Polish ballet company

Director KRZYSZTOF PASTOR is looking for new female soloist / first soloist for the season 2019-20 with strong classical and contemporary technique

Maximum height: 1,72 m.

Private audition (class and variations) by invitation only.

Please submit a CV (in docx. or pdf. file) including birth date, height (in cm), weight (in kg), education, competitions, awards, main roles, work experience etc. and several photos: headshot and dance photos (in separate files). It is also recommended to send a link to a video on the internet. The photos and video footage should be a current representation within a year's time. Please note that the size of the application should not exceed 5 MB.

All must be submitted by e-mail to

Only full applications will be considered.


The Open Dance Ensemble, in New York City, specializes in self-conducted improvised dances. We have created more than a dozen works and performed many times since we began in 2017 all as a volunteer organization. We are accepting applications for auditions this summer for our Fall 2019 season. We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7-9 PM. If you are an experienced improviser, preferably with training in ballet, and interested in both performing and choreographing, please see our website with sample videos at, and if interested in auditioning with us please send your bio and dance videos to
Instagram -
Facebook -


Virginia National Ballet has openings for a male dancer with strong classical and contemporary technique for the 2018-19 season. The company presents three mainstage productions and one tour annually in addition to other performances such as festivals and outreach activities. Contracts are 36 weeks. Please send your information to if interested in auditioning.

Audition Advice
Dominic Walsh demonstrates in a DWDT rehearsal. Photo by Gabriella Nissen.

This story originally appeared in the February/March 2013 issue of Pointe.

Many years ago, a director of a company I was auditioning for approached me as I was taking off my pointe shoes and struck up a conversation. I felt nervous and shy, so I let him ask all the questions and nodded my head dutifully. I asked nothing about the company, nor did I try to express why I wanted to dance there. After an awkward pause, he politely shook my hand and walked away. At that moment, I realized I'd let the job slip through my fingers.

At the time, I assumed directors were looking for obvious things like flawless technique and a certain body type. But other factors come into play that can make or break you at an audition—especially if a director is on the fence about whom to choose.

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