The Seven Stages of Monday

Don’t get me wrong, I love waking up to the prospect of a week full of dance. But sometimes the Monday struggle is just too real. You know the feeling: When it takes 10 tries to get your hair in something even remotely resembling a bun, when you spill tea on your last pair of good pointe shoes, when you fall out of every turn…

You’re not alone. Have a look at some of these dancers going through the seven stages of Mondays, and hang in there!

1. Shock

Lorena Feijoo in Giselle. Photo by Erik Tomasson via Scene4

2. Denial

New York City Ballet dancers in Jerome Robbins’ The Concert. Photo by Paul Kolnik via NYCB.

3. Anger

Alicia Amatriain in Christian Spuck’s Le Grand Pas de Deux. Photo by Roman Novitzky via Stuttgart Ballet.

4. Bargaining

Osiel Gounod and Félix Rodriguez in Coppélia. Photo via Ballet Nacional de Cuba

5. Guilt

Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy.” Photo via

6. Depression

English National Ballet. Photo by ASH via @dancespiritmagazine

7. Acceptance

Scott Autry in Steamboat Springs, CO. Photo by Jordan Matter via Tiny Dancers Among Us.

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