Pennsylvania Ballet Initiates a New Choreographer's Workshop

Alexandra Hughes, rehearsing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy (photo by Arian Molina Soca)

Pennsylvania is joining the ranks of companies like New York City Ballet, BalletX and more, which offer workshops to support early-career choreographers. At PA Ballet, four choreographers will have the opportunity to create work on PB II, the second company. Three are company members themselves: Russell Ducker and Alexandra Hughes dance in the corps, while Ekaterina Pokrovskaya a member of PB II. The fourth choreographer, Edgar Anido, has Cuban roots and is a former member of Complexions Contemporary Ballet and BalletX. Corella is cultivating local, and homegrown, talent.

Anido, Ducker, Hughes and Pokrovskaya, have diverse training backgrounds: Anido is versed in the slippery, grounded movement of contemporary ballet; Hughes is a former SAB student trained in Balanchine technique; Ducker was trained at the Royal Ballet School and previously danced in Corella's Barcelona Ballet; while Pokrovskaya received her training in Russia. Though all four are early-career choreographers, Ducker created several works for Barcelona Ballet and won choreographic awards while he was still a student.

The one-night-only performance will be on February 25, at 7:00pm.

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