Marianela Nuñez on Her Upcoming Debuts

Most dancers are busy enough with The Nutcracker at this time of year. But in addition to dancing several Sugar Plums, Royal Ballet principal Marianela Nuñez will also be making notable debuts in the company's upcoming mixed bill program, which opens December 22. Pointe's e-news spoke with Nuñez about juggling it all.

What are the ballets on your plate this month?
I have been performing The Nutcracker while and also rehearsing for Raymonda Act III and Jerome Robbins' In the Night, which are both debuts for me. I'm learning the second pas de deux in In the Night—so beautiful.

That's a lot of different hats to wear.
I love doing all these ballets at the same time. The three are very different, and it's a fantastic challenge to be working in their various styles. I learn something new in every rehearsal, which is what helps you grow as an artist. I'm a lucky girl!

What are your holiday plans? Will you have some time off to relax?

Actually, I will be performing The Sleeping Beauty on Christmas day in Greece with Thiago Soares, my husband. It will be our first Christmas performance. We may open our presents on the stage as soon as we finish!

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