Show and Tell: Inside Victoria Jaiani’s Dance Bag

Victoria Jaiani and her husband, fellow Joffrey ballet dancer Temur Suluashvili, are one of ballet’s more adorable couples—so it’s no surprise that Suluashvili’s name seems to be all over Jaiani’s dance bag. First, there’s the bag itself: a sleek Puma tote, which she carries thanks to her husband’s obsession with the brand. “He has 25-plus pairs of Puma tennis shoes,” Jaiani says, laughing. “Sneakers aren’t my thing, so he buys me other Puma stuff. To his credit, the bag is very stylish!”

Then there’s her can’t-live-without-it item:  a cozy shawl, also a present from Suluashvili. “I have a stiff back, and he crocheted this for me as a warmer,” Jaiani says. “Now I do everything but sleep in it! It has to be with me before a show or I’ll have a panic attack.” In fact, the warmer has become a Joffrey trend: Suluashvili was inundated with requests from other company dancers who coveted Jaiani’s shawl, and now “everybody has one.”


The Goods:

Striped legwarmers, shawl, bag, booties. The legwarmers used to be the arms of Jaiani’s favorite sweater.

Trail mix, banana, Fiji water.
Jaiani was in NYC to perform at a gala, and says she always carries healthy snacks when touring. “You never know when or where your next meal will be.”

“I listen to all kinds of music, from classical to rap—anything that makes me want to dance.”

Perfume, body powder.
Jaiani loves Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” body mist. “Dancers are smelly—we need a spritz of something sometimes.”

Pointe shoes, flat shoes, makeup bag.
She always carries mascara and eye liner. “You want to look nice, just in case someone’s photographing class—or your dance bag!”

Massage stick, foot roller, toe tape.
“The massage stick is my best friend on the road,” Jaiani says. “I can’t take my foam roller with me when I travel, but this works almost as well on my legs and hips.”

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