When auditioning in person is just not possible, sending out a reel is your next best option. But make sure your video stands out for the right reasons. 


1. Pay special attention to what a school or company asks for. If the directions tell you to show a barre and center, don’t give a solo. Show you can listen; nobody wants an unruly dancer.


I could spend days at a time watching old videos of Gelsey Kirkland. That lyricism! That lightness! She moves the way I dream of dancing in my most fantastical fantasies.


Are you searching for a company contract? Auditions are tough, especially in this economy. Anything you can do to get a leg up is worth it.


A ballet class is a ballet class is a ballet class…or at least that’s what I was trying to convince myself before my Boston Ballet company audition at the School of American Ballet. Despite the reminder from friends that I do pliés and tendus practically every day,e and that this day was no different, the atmosphere and my nerves made me feel as if even turnout was something foreign to me.

Jessica Gadzinski, a former apprentice with North Carolina Dance Theatre, shares her tales from the audition trail with Pointe.


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