LINES ballet

Fall is almost here. What will you do this year to take your training to the next level? Smart dancers know they need to stay on the lookout for opportunities that will improve their artistry, whether it's a new competition, a mock-audition course or a master class in a technique they've never tried before.


Published December 16, 2009
A unique style of working makes Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet distinctive.more »
Published December 11, 2009
The Ballets Russes famously emphasized collaboration between choreographers and composers, and Alonzo King’s work with world musicians follows in this tradition. It’s fitting, then, that Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet is scheduled to open the Monaco Dance Forum’s centennial celebration of the Ba…more »

Webster in her dressing room at The Joyce Theater in New York City

Photo by Rachel Papo

Published November 20, 2009
In her five seasons with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, with its tour-heavy schedule, Meredith Webster has honed the packing of her dance bag to a science. “Of course you bring the essentials, but the ‘perfect pack’ is all about the little things that make you comfortable,” she says. “I pro…more »