Amy Brandt

Our very own advice columnist, former Suzanne Farrell Ballet dancer Amy Brandt, recently did an interview for the ballet podcast Balancing Pointe. In it she shares her personal—and not entirely traditional—journey through the professional ballet world, and her words of wisdom for aspiring dancers. (Faithful "Ask Amy" readers know just how wise Amy's words are.)

Courtesy of Amy Brandt

Published December 16, 2009
I just found out I fractured my talus (ankle) and can’t dance for 4-6 weeks. How should I ease my way into dance after my doctor gives me the okay?―Emily, Winchester, VAYou’re wise to want to ease back into shape, because bone injuries need plenty of time to heal. I had a fractured ankle once,…more »
Published November 24, 2009
Suzanne Farrell Ballet dancer Amy Brandt answers your questions about pointe shoes, injuries, and arabesque.more »
Published November 23, 2009
A decade can be long or short. Since Pointe began publishing 10 years ago, ballet has embraced the 21st century with a passion, seemingly at warp speed. Today’s dancers Twitter about their company tours, audiences send texts to vote for their favorite new works and international stars have website…more »