Boston Ballet

Photo by Rachel Papo

Published November 24, 2009
Peek at the past: Romi Beppumore »
Published November 23, 2009
Erica Cornejo brings her unique magic to Boston Ballet.more »
Published November 23, 2009
"Our next generation is coming in very strong,” says Boston Ballet Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen, who recently promoted five company dancers to the rank of principal—Kathleen Breen Combes, Pavel Gurevich, Melissa Hough, Misa Kuranaga and James Whiteside. Significantly, four of the five member…more »
Published November 23, 2009
Even the most gifted ballerinas have something they wish they could do better. Our cover model, Boston Ballet principal Erica Cornejo (see “Under Her Spell,” page 26), struggled, in her case, with doubting herself. “There’s a lot of competition, especially among female dancers,” she says. …more »