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(Photo by Nathan Sayers)

Life has a funny way of working out sometimes. When our cover girl, Jahna Frantziskonis, took company class on a lark at San Francisco Ballet during a trip to California, she had no idea she’d wind up with a job offer. She soon faced a dilemma—to stay in her current company, where she had a secure and promising future, or risk the unknown by joining the much larger SFB. She chose the latter, and it turned out to be a smart career move. With her go-for-broke technique and onstage charm, this rising corps dancer has been racking up roles since her arrival.

As Frantziskonis proves, taking chances can come with major benefits. Of course, most of us don’t have our dream job fall into our lap—we have to audition. But that’s where a fearless attitude can help you the most. Take it from BalletMet dancer Grace-Anne Powers. Throughout her career, she’s auditioned countless times and secured contracts with four widely different companies. Needless to say, she’s figured out a few things along the way. Read her essay, “Finding Your ‘Yes,’ ” for her insights on how to increase your chances of success. Then, turn to our Auditions Guide for more information on companies looking for dancers like you.

Audition season is also a time to consider expanding your horizons, especially with the recent boom of ballet dancers on Broadway. (Since 2014, five New York City Ballet dancers alone have made debuts in musicals!) But the audition process for musical theater is vastly different. Read “From Ballet Company to Broadway” for tips on how to prepare. As you steel yourself for the job hunt, remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. Approach your auditions with confidence and an open mind, and you may just find your dream job.





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