Whether you're wilting in the summer heat or steaming under hot theatrical lights, your sweat can wreak havoc on your stage makeup. Make sure your look stays put, no matter how toasty things get.


1. Apply primer for an extra layer of sweat-proof hold underneath foundation.

2. Try using tinted moisturizer around the eyes instead of a heavier concealer. That allows the skin to breathe, and the lighter formula is less likely to get caked or clumpy.

3. Embrace long-wear foundation formulas that stay put for hours despite oil. These work best when applied while the skin is still dewy with moisturizer, which allows for a smoother finish.

4. Apply powder eye shadow with a damp brush to create a more intense pigmentation that's less likely to streak or fade.

5. Use waterproof mascara. When the heat is on, it's a must. (If you have trouble removing it, try using pre-moistened makeup wipes.)

6. Spot-treat oily shine as soon as it appears. If you’re wearing heavier base makeup, touch it up with a low-pigment powder. If you're wearing a lighter-weight foundation, use oil-blotting papers.