Show and Tell: Inside Yury Yanowsky's Dance Bag

Yury Yanowsky of Boston Ballet stocks up on sprays.
Published in the August/September 2008 issue.

Yury Yanowsky with his Dance Bag

Courtesy of Rosalie O’Connor

Born in France and raised in Spain, Boston Ballet principal Yury Yanowsky now always carries his down-filled booties. “Boston is pretty cold,” he says. “My feet get so cold I usually take almost the whole barre in booties.” Yanowsky also likes to have his iPod. “Some of the dancers and I have a little band, and we create music using Garage Band on my Mac,” he says. “I play a bit of guitar, mostly acoustic. Usually I write the music and then collaborate with the lyrics. Then I bring in the songs we’ve recorded, and we listen to them.” His cell phone, however, stays in his locker, because the last time Mark Morris worked with BB he banned cell phones from the studio, and BB Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen adopted the policy. For aches and pains, Yanowsky uses a stem machine (a device that emits electric currents to stimulate tired muscles), which he purchased in Japan and Spray Reflex, a product he buys by the case when he is home in Spain. “It’s like Ben Gay, but not as strong,” he says.

The Goods
Spray Reflex, 212 cologne, Axe deodorant (“Everything fast, everything sprays”), Pluma ballet slippers, resistance band, iPod Nano, Twix bar, Mini Cookies, Gatorade, bottle of Coke, loose change (for the Coke machine), bandana, back brace (worn occasionally when rehearsing pas de deux), stem machine.