Show and Tell: Inside Renata Pavam's Dance Bag

Renata Pavam, corps member at American Ballet Theatre, reveals the contents of her dance bag.
Published in the October/November 2005 issue.

Show and Tell: Inside Renata Pavam's Dance Bag

Courtesy of Andrew French

It’s not unusual to find assorted dish towels in American Ballet Theatre corps de ballet member Renata Pavam’s dance bag. She uses them for padding her pointe shoes. “I used to wear paper towels, but they would tear so easily,” Pavam says. “I saw somebody with these, and I figured I’d try them. They are actually much better because they give a little cushion.” These days though, her calf support and Icy Hot are the most important items she carries because they help her pulled calf muscle. Though she was out for ABT’s spring season, Pavam hopes to be back in time for the winter season, starting October 19. Because she’s been injured, she hasn’t been using as many pointe shoes. Usually she has 10 pairs in her bag. But no matter what, she always has her black ballet slippers. “I don’t carry pink slippers ever,” she says. “I don’t like pink. I’m not a pink ballerina.”

The Goods

Advil, leg warmers, calf warmer, ACE bandage (for her ankle or wrapping ice around her calf), black slippers, tape, foot roller, Second Skin, Nivea body spray, dish towels, lipstick, Theraband, homeopathic pellets (for nerves), necklace (for luck), five pairs of pointe shoes, ballet music cassette, accessory bag (with floss for sewing, box cutter, ribbon, elastic, scissors, Band-Aids, Icy Hot).