Show and Tell: Inside Janie Taylor's Dance Bag

Published in the February/March 2013 issue.

Photo by Kyle Froman

"I, um, tend to be forgetful about a lot of things,” says New York City Ballet principal Janie Taylor, laughing. But a forgetful dancer’s best friend is a well-stocked dance bag. Taylor always carries plenty of hair and toe supplies, a bunch of snacks—“I have this paranoia about being hungry in rehearsal”—and piles of warm-ups, so she’s prepared for any dance situation. She also keeps a notebook handy. “If I see something I want to look up, or hear something I want to remember, I have to write it down so I don’t lose it 10 minutes later!” she says.

One of her best weapons against forgetfulness, however, is a pair of legwarmers knit for her by fellow company member Lydia Wellington. “I have a real problem with losing legwarmers,” Taylor says. “But Lydia knit my initials into these, so hopefully I’ll be able to hold on to them for a while.”

The Goods
Legwarmers, exercise ball, roll of thread (“You have to sew your shoes whenever you have a chance during the day, so you don’t end up doing it at home!”), bathing suit and goggles (“I try to swim if I don’t have a lot of rehearsal—I carry my suit with me so I don’t have an excuse not to go”), bag of toe supplies, bag of hair supplies, almonds, energy bars, monogrammed legwarmers, sketch book (“I draw a lot when I’m on the subway or have time to kill”), notebook, iPhone, Miu Miu bag (“My best purchase ever—it’s 12 years old and definitely falling apart, but I’ll probably still be carrying it around after the bottom falls out”).