Show and Tell: Inside Valerio Longo's Dance Bag

Aterballetto dancer Valerio Longo shows us his touring dance bag.
Published in the February/March 2006 issue.

Show and Tell: Inside Valerio Longo's Dance Bag

Courtesy of Colin Fowler

What does a dancer need besides food and music? Judging from Aterballetto dancer Valerio Longo’s dance bag, the answer is “not much.” We caught up with Longo while the Italian company was in New York, performing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. If his bag looks more like that of a world traveler than a dancer on his way to rehearsal, that’s because Aterballetto is primarily a touring company. You won’t find any dance clothes or shoes in Longo’s bag, because all the company members leave their belongings at the theater or on the touring truck. Even so, Longo always carries his passport, a guidebook to the city he is visiting and his plane ticket. Another travel necessity these days is the MP3 player. “I listen to lots of music while traveling, but never when I walk through the cities,” he says. “I like to hear the sounds and the energy that is around me.” This vegetarian dancer also carries fruit and water with him at all times, and his camera helps him to keep a record of his travels. Longo says, “It’s my leitmotif to photograph the chandelier in every theater where I perform.”

The Goods

Water, fruit, passport, BAM Next Wave Festival ID, plane ticket, camera, MP3 player, New York City travel book.