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Dominic Walsh Sabbatical
Published in the August/September 2014 issue.

Hana Sakai and Domenico Luciano in "Uzume" (photo by Gabriella Nissen, courtesy DWDT)

Dominic Walsh announced in June that he is taking a sabbatical from his Houston-based company, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, founded in 2002. Though Walsh has described his departure as a one-year sabbatical, and will remain in Texas, no one is stepping in to take his place at DWDT.   
The company scaled back over the last two years, performing in fewer self-presented programs, as the sheer amount of administrative work kept Walsh away from artistic projects. “This sabbatical will give me the time and freedom to invest in the creative part of my work again,” says Walsh. “I’m proud of all the work we have created and presented at DWDT, but the administrative component is all-consuming. Artistic directors today are expected to be entrepreneurs when it comes to funding and this leaves less time and attention in the studio.”

His personal life also played into the decision. His partner, Domenico Luciano, is now a principal with Colorado Ballet and a former principal at DWDT. “He has been pivotal in DWDT’s success. Now I want to be there, supporting this chapter in his career,” says Walsh. —Nancy Wozny