Show and Tell: Inside Lauren Anderson's Dance Bag

Lauren Anderson, principal at Houston Ballet, shows us her bag—and her son.
Published in the August/September 2005 issue.

Show and Tell: Inside Lauren Anderson's Dance Bag

Courtesy of Drew Donovan

There’s all kinds of old stuff in there, because it builds up after a tour,” says Houston Ballet principal Lauren Anderson about the contents of her Bunheads dance bag. “I’m looking forward to seeing what turns up.” One item she found inside was a parking ticket that had been missing for months, but there were essentials as well. “I always have Lawrence with me, so I always have a diaper,” says Anderson. Her 2-year-old son, Lawrence Bell Fitzgerald Turner, is quite at home in the ballet studio. “I also have baby wipes, but even before I had the baby, I carried them for taking off makeup or to get that fresh feeling between rehearsals if I only have five minutes.” Aside from baby supplies, the two items she cannot do without? “My Second Skin and Band-Aids,” says Anderson. “I cannot put shoes on without them.”

The Goods

Cassette tape, deodorant, CD, giant Altoids tin (with bun, bobby pins, hairpins, covered elastics), diaper, baby wipes, Second Skin, Band-Aids, perfume, makeup, lipstick, sewing kit, ankle warmers, sippy cup and binky (pacifier) for Lawrence, sparkly earrings, hairbrush, black pointe shoes, ballet slippers, Texas can cozy, lotion, Twix candy bar, airplane ticket and parking ticket