Editor's Letter: Fast Forward

Published in the April/May 2014 issue.

Sara Mearns rehearsing "Ocean's Kingdom" at NYCB. Photo by Paul Kolnik.

As Pointe enters its 15th year, ballet itself is changing. Top ballerinas no longer build their careers at one company. Contemporary and modern works have become staples of the repertoire. Extreme technique is a given.

Dancers who want to succeed must be savvy and strategic. Luckily, they have more tools than ever at their disposal. From social media to choreography classes, dancers have myriad routes to achieve their professional dreams, and greater control over their careers. Sara Mearns, Benjamin Millepied, Lourdes Lopez and other top ballet professionals explore these issues and more in “What Ballet Needs Next.” For inspiration in this rapidly evolving landscape, turn to our cover profile of Mathilde Froustey, the brilliant Paris Opéra Ballet sujet who boldly leapt continents to dance as a principal with San Francisco Ballet and realize her artistic dreams. And for a real-world look at what it takes to be one of the ballet world’s most extraordinary stars, turn to “Backstage with Polina Semionova” to see her rehearsing Swan Lake at American Ballet Theatre with David Hallberg.  

For Semionova, just like any ballet student, it all starts in the studio. Don’t miss “All in the Details,” a hands-on guide to breaking some of the worst habits that plague dancers at every stage of their careers, from floppy wrists to sickling. And keep in mind that as ballet evolves, so does its influence, and the scope of what a dancer can do. New York City Ballet’s Ashley Bouder, for one, leveraged her connections to help the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan by organizing a gala, as she discusses in “Helping Hands—and Feet.” In a creative use of social media, much of her efforts came together on Facebook. Don’t hold back as ballet moves forward. Change is good—embrace it.


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“I’m a believer in promoting yourself in social media. That’s where everybody goes to get their info. It’s a fast-paced generation now. We just have to move with it.”
–Sara Mearns, “What Ballet Needs Next”