Show and Tell: Inside Sarah Lamb's Dance Bag

Published in the April/May 2013 issue.

Photo by Kyle Froman

Royal Ballet principal Sarah Lamb has earned company-wide fame for her stock of “Girl Scout supplies.” Dancers know they can turn to her whenever they’re in need of essentials like gum, hard candies or tissues. “I’m kind of the go-to distributor at The Royal,” she says. “I’ll always share!”

Her generosity extends beyond drugstore loot, too. When we caught up with Lamb in New York, where she was performing in the “Stars of the 21st Century” gala, she’d just purchased special souvenirs for her dance friends. “I bought about seven of these back warmers we’re all obsessed with,” she says. “They’re so expensive in the U.K., but over here they’re like $5—less than a cup of chai latte in London.”

While “home” is currently across the pond, Lamb, who grew up in Boston and danced with Boston Ballet for several years, will always be a Beantown girl. “I have my airplane bag with me today,” she says, “but my regular dance bag is green and white, in honor of the Boston Celtics!” 

The Goods
Lacoste bag, iPad (“I pretty much have it so I can read The New Yorker”), foam roller, smartwater, pointe shoes, thread (“I wrap it around my old Harvard ID—I took classes there when I was in Boston”), gum, back warmer, Thera-Band, day planner (“I’m the company representative for Equity, the actor’s union in the U.K., and they give us this planner to help us stay organized”), travel toiletries, stretching band, Handi Wipes (for padding her pointe shoes—“It’s a common thing in the U.S., but I’m kind of a weirdo in the U.K.”), reusable grocery bag, tissues.