New York University

In an effort to support female ballet choreographers, NYU's recently formed Center for Ballet and the Arts will now offer the Virginia B. Toulmin Fellowship for Women Choreographers—a 35,000 stipend, office and studio space, and access to housing in NYC. The fellowship will be awarded to three choreographers and for a three-year period. 

In her book Apollo’s Angels, Jennifer Homans infamously announced that ballet is dying. Though the statement ruffled a lot of feathers in the ballet world, it’s not unreasonable to wonder what direction ballet will take in the 21st century.

Published November 24, 2009
Freelance dancer Heather Hawk juggles performing and teaching careers, so it’s no surprise that her dance bag is large. Before spending a few years away from the stage earning a liberal arts degree at New York University, she danced with an impressive array of companies, including New York City Ba…more »