Published November 24, 2014
Stress less, plantar fasciitis recovery and moremore »
Published January 26, 2010
Although bruises are a common side effect of intense rehearsals, they aren’t exactly the most fetching onstage accessories. Luckily, most dancers already carry a quick, easy remedy in their dance bags: arnica. The same gel you use to help combat sore muscles also reduces discoloration by stimulati…more »
Published January 26, 2010
Lychee fruit packs a mighty nutritional punch. Popular for its health-boosting powers, lychee’s taste and texture is similar to that of a grape, but a little sweeter and juicier. Plus, they are only 6 calories apiece.Nutrients: Just three small lychees fulfill 100 percent of your daily vitamin C n…more »

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Got shin splints? Photo by Colin Fowler

Inflammation 911

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Published November 30, 2009
Imagery expert Eric Franklin explains the benefits of this mental technique.more »
Published November 24, 2009
What you should know about dealing with inflammation.more »
Published November 24, 2009
If you start to fade during rehearsal, wake yourself up with a little yoga. “Certain poses refresh the body,” says TaraMarie Perri, who teaches a yoga curriculum called Mind Body Dancer at New York’s Joffrey Ballet School. “Going upside down into an inversion can revive you because it improv…more »
Published November 24, 2009
Pointe spoke with Roberta Anding, sports dietitian for Houston Ballet, about the biggest nutrition mistakes dancers don’t realize they’re making.1. Being afraid of foods that are filling or cause temporary bloating. Nutrient-dense, moderate-calorie foods, such as broth-based soups, fruits, veget…more »